Chris Wallace’s Name Is Now Tied To Something That Is Going Humiliate Him For The Rest Of His Life

The cocky self-absorbed Chris Wallace left his cushy job at Fox and stomped on conservatives on the way out. But now he is tied to something that is going to humiliate him forever.

Wallace is now part of one of the biggest failures in the history of media. After throwing millions of dollars away, in one month CNN’s new streaming service is being shut down by its new owners Warner Bros. Discovery.

Employees at CNN were shocked because they were used to having poor standards and no accountability because the network was being used as Zucker’s personal political playground. After the news broke CNN+ was no more a Discovery board member put into perspective why they decided to shut down the network. The board member also hinted that some of the cable networks hosts are about to get axed as well.

Wallace recently gave an interview with CBS News claiming that he is a “victim.”

“Are there already enough choices for news sources out there and are the days of streaming already over?” CBS News correspondent Jacqueline Adams asked.

“Wow that was quick,” Wallace remarked. “It’s an interesting thing and I’ve been a victim of all of this in the last week.”

The guy has been throwing diva temper tantrums for weeks.

No matter where Wallace lands he is going to be tied to the failure at CNN+. After all, he was supposed to be the streaming service’s big draw and wasn’t.

Chris Wallace’s name is about to go into the same column Brian Williams and Dan Rather.