The White House Humiliated After Epic Social Media Blunder

Joe Biden staffers inside the White House are furious after making a social media blunder.

The White House sent out emails to TikTok influencers ignorantly believing that only liberals are popular on TikTok. The email offered money to encourage people to get vaccinated.

What you are about to see was paid for with your tax dollars, I repeat your tax dollars and this is not a joke. You’ll notice that White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki co-stars in the video with social media influencer Keith Edwards.

It’s no wonder the White House’s effort to vaccinate people failed.

A copy of the letter sent out to TikTok influencers revealed that the White House was “begging” them to “do an intimate” zoom call with Dr. Fauci.

It was then revealed by OAN reporter Jack Posobiec, that the PR staff at the White House was furious when they realized Newsmax host, Benny Johnson posted their letter to influencers.

“They didn’t think those emails would get to ANYONE on the political right, super pissed. All tik tokers are supposed to be Gen Z / Millennial Left,” the anonymous official said.

It never occurred to the ignorant snobs at the White House that some Gen Z influencers are conservatives.