Biden Flip-Flop’s So Hard He Must Have Gotten Whiplash After He Gets Even More Devastating News

In the first week of May, the Democrats went nuts over abortion using the leak of a draft ruling from the Supreme Court that would overturn Roe vs. Wade. The left was hoping that abortion rights would supersede an economy that is in the toilet and give them momentum for November.

But seven days later things changed…

The internal polling must be awful because after the left spent days working their base into a frenzy they are doing a 180.

When the draft ruling leaked the White House refused to condemn the protestors outside the home of Supreme Court Justices which is against the law however, a week later they are singing a different tune.

On May 9, 2022, the White said Biden, “strongly believes in the Constitutional right to protest. But that should never include violence, threats, or vandalism. Judges perform an incredibly important function in our society, and they must be able to do their jobs without concern for their personal safety.”

A poll from the Trafalgar Group confirmed Biden’s sudden pivot finding that 75.8% of Americans do not support protests outside the home of SCOTUS Justices and even 67% of Democrats find their own party’s antics repulsive.

That’s why the White House flip-flopped they are once again on the wrong side.