President Trump Joking About His Hair Will Crack You Up [Video]

Trump Opened The CPAC Address With A roaring Crowed By Joking About His Hair.

President Trump has to be the most ‘human’ president in history. We would have never seen Hillary Clinton joking about her many flaws and we certainly never saw Obama knock on himself. For someone who the liberal media refers to ‘narcissist’ and ‘megalomaniac’, Trump’s ‘ego’ doesn’t get in the way of his sense of humor.

This is not what narcissism looks like. Narcissism looks more like writing a memoir about yourself because your socialist views are too controversial to discuss (*cough cough* Michelle Obama) or someone who might write a book about how it’s everyone else’s fault they lost a presidential race, Hillary. Take a moment to watch a lighthearted Trump knock that famous hairdo.


As Written By James Lewis with American Thinker:

Narcissists don’t laugh at themselves.

Can you imagine Obama laughing at himself, in public, maybe laughing at his own big ears?  Never in a million years.  Or Michelle?  She might be going for the Democratic nomination next time, but she always projects anger.  Getting her to smile is going to be tough.

So sorry – no can do.

Full CPAC Address



Trump just pulled a sight gag on himself at the start of his CPAC talk, turning his back to the audience and stroking his (phony) golden hair in a sort of goofy way.  It must have gone on for a minute or two, and the C-packers roared.  Then he turned around, smiled slightly, and started his speech.

It was a barn-burner.  He then transitioned from his starting gag to some serious talk about kids who kill and how to stop them.

The CPAC speech worked, at least for me – from a starting gag to some passionate talk about the Florida killer, and he made it all count. The whole thing was believable, at least to me, and in politics and showbiz, believability is a big deal.

(Plus, he launched the midterm campaign at CPAC, in a way few other presidents could have done.  Maybe Lincoln, who was famous for his stories and jokes,  could have done it.  Maybe Teddy Roosevelt, but not many others.

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