Man Protects Family Against Carjacker [Raw Video]

Man Saves Family From Carjacker.

In our country you have politicians trying to disarm Americans. Liberals seem to be afraid of armed citizens. Every tragedy they go after our guns in the name of public safety. They think that disarming the public will save us all from shootings. But since when have criminals followed laws? Why is it the responsible gun owners are always on the verge of losing their rights when some mentally disturbed individual kills people?

In Brazil, a man was out with his family when the unthinkable happened. He was approached by a stranger who pulled a gun and not only wanted to steal his car but the threatened the lives of his wife and kid. The man did not hesitate. He was fortunate enough to be able to defend his family because he was armed. The father quickly pulled his gun and fired upon the carjacker who was more than a little stunned. The carjacker had thought he had found an easy mark but this could not be further from the truth.

The carjacker having taken a shot in the chest ran from the car and can be seen on the sidewalk behind the vehicles where he gives into the wound and collapses. All while the passengers aside from the driver exit the vehicle. The man who defended himself and his family looks over to where the carjacker has fallen and knows that everything will be alright.

Watch The Video Below.

This is the kind of scenario that conceal carry and the right to bear arms allows for. Not for the intentional killing of another but for the defense of a family. If that man was not armed this video could be quite the opposite. It could be a bloodthirsty car thief or even a criminal that doesn’t want others to see his face. Luckily that family will never know what other intentions the armed criminal ha because the driver was armed and ready to defend them.