Political Comic Sees The Light About Gun Rights After Life Threatening Incident.

Anti Gun Comic Changes His Tune After Getting Robbed At Gun Point.

The right to bear arms is crucial. It protects citizens from the government and gives people a way to defend themselves, yet people still can’t grasp this concept. Liberals and Leftists want us disarmed and vulnerable to attack. Political comic Tim Young had always been against Gun rights but all that changed after he had his life threatened.

“I was walking to the new Wharf area from my place, which is very close down there. On a well-lit M Street at 7:45 at night and I was attacked by two men. One was armed one grabbed me from behind and I was robbed.”
The Host then asked how he felt during the incident.
“Terrified. You know, when I talk to people about this… you’re scared. There’s no man card involved. I was defenseless,”

The worst part is that there were witnesses to the mugging that sat by and did nothing. Young claims that a couple called 9-1-1 but multiple people just watched the incident go down without help.

“They just stood by and watched as I was yelling for help. ‘Help, I’m being robbed!’ They stood by and watched.”

Watch The Interview Below.

I think a lot of those people who are opposed to having a conceal carry permit and being able to own a weapon have never had one pointed directly at them when they have nothing on them,” Young said.

He plans to get trained and go through all the requirements necessary so he can carry a gun outside his home.

“That level of fear and that level of helplessness that you feel, it doesn’t compare to anything else I’ve felt in my life.””

It is crazy that it took a mugging for Young to realize how useful Guns are. But I guess that’s what it takes for some people who don’t think of others or their own personal safety.