Ultimate Fail Liberal Tries To Sabotage Conservative Speaker.

Liberal Sabotages Conservative Speaker Lucian Wintrich.

Lucian Wintrich made or attempted to make a speech called “It’s OK to be White.” During his speech, he was constantly at odds with an audience that was made up of numerous protester. The protesters were more than a little rude as they continually interrupted his speech with booing and chants of “Go Home Nazi!”. The hostile audience got so bad that he was stalled from finishing his speech and was forced to answer the belligerent audiences demanding questions.

If this were not enough one of the mannerless audience members teamed up with another attendee and stole Wintrich’s notes/property.

Watch The Theft Happen Below.

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The incident didn’t end there as the notes were needed for the rest of speech Wintrich hoped would still happen. So he ran after the Thief, a woman by the name of Catherine Gregory, who was a Quinebaug Valley Community College adviser. She claimed that as he took his property back from the robber he attacked her.

Wintrich was wrongfully arrested for the incident and today balance was restored and he has been cleared of all charges.

The Pro White Speaker rightfully pressed charges against the thief and as he should. The Speech was a planned event and should not have had this sort of reaction but what can you expect from a bunch of leftist brainwashed college students.

The same speech was intended to be given at other colleges but due to the chaos that the protesters caused many Colleges have rescheduled. He published his speech on gateway pundit if you are wish to read what somehow caused mayhem to break out.

As Reported By Nicholas Rondinone The Hartford Courant

Wintrich called UConn police and said he wanted to make a criminal complaint against Gregory, adding that he did not give her permission to take his notes, according to the affidavit.

Given that the case was dropped against Wintrich, Schoenhorn said he wants the same for Gregory.

“We will vigorously defend this case in court,” Schoenhorn said.

Gregory is the associate director of career services and advising at Quinebaug Valley Community College. Quinebaug Valley Community Colege did not immediately return a request for comment.

Police said in the arrest affidavit that Gregory is on leave from her job.

The speaking event, titled “It’s OK To Be White,” drew hundreds to an auditorium on campus and was marked with tension.

Wintrich denies claims he is racist and said the speech was meant to end with a message of anti-racism.