Phony Trump Dossier Has John McCain’s sticky Paws All Over It.

Senator John McCain’s, a known rogue Republican, behavior may finally be explained. His apparent collusion with the Clintons to frame Trump has been exposed.

McCain has blocked president Trump every step of the way and quickly become an embarrassment to the Republican party. There has never been any question where McCain’s loyalties lie. The president himself has remarked on several occasions of the senator’s poor intent.

So the question was asked; just what was John McCain’s roll in the Trump “dossier”. Now that we can finally say, without a shadow of a doubt, the DOJ funded the bogus probe against the president it’s time to expose all guilty parties.

McCain, when questioned about his part in the bogus investigation denied having any direct involvement. However, the rogue senator did admit to flying to Europe to obtain the fraudulent document that led to the investigation on Trump and fake connections to Russia.

John McCain sustains that he delivered the phony document to the Feder Bureau of Investigations for the purposes of verifying the validity of the document but at this point how can you trust him? Who else possibly had their hand on this document and in this conspiracy to impeach President Trump?



As reported by Monica Showalter with the American Thinker.

He’s so bitter and determined to get Trump that he’s willing to stiff his own voters, knowing that with his age and poor health, he is unlikely to ever have to face them again.

So to believe his claims that he only disseminated the Trump dossier to the FBI is rather stretching to the imagination, given his grudges. Would he have leaked the fake documents to a rabidly leftist news outfit such as Buzzfeed? He insists he didn’t. But one is inclined to think he ought to at least be answering sworn questions about it.

Katrina Pierson, the owner of a conservative blog, thinks he ought to be giving congressional testimony in his own role in spreading the phony documents as a means of using the state to attack Trump – even if it involved working with the Russian intelligence services, which apparently created the phony documents. We know McCain is engaging in scorched-earth warfare against Trump already. We think he’ll crawl into bed with anybody to do it. Now let’s see him admit it.