Watch: Pelosi Goes Off Script After Getting Called Out Then Starts Ranting Like A Lunatic

Is Nancy Pelosi caught off guard and retaliate with anger?

Nancy Pelosi angrily disputed claims Wednesday that she has been using the U.S. Capitol Police (USCP) created as her own secret spy agency to probe political enemies after a Republican legislator made scathing allegations against her on Tuesday.

When asked about the reports that Capitol Police had been investigating members of Congress and their offices at her request on Feb. 9, Pelosi snapped at a reporter.

“Don’t waste your time,” she said. “I have no power over the Capitol Police. Does anybody not know that?”

“The Capitol Police have responded to that gentleman’s allegation and that stands as what it is,” the speaker continued. “But I have no power over the police.”

Texas’s Republican Congressman Troy Nehls released a series of tweets revealing the Capitol Police illegally investigating his office on Tuesday.

Rep. Nehls, a vocal critic of the partisan hack January 6th Committee and of the shooting death of Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt, tweeted:

The @CapitolPolice Intelligence Division investigated my office illegally, and one of my staffers caught them in the act.

On November 20th, 2021, Capitol Police entered my office without my knowledge and photographed confidential legislative products protected by the Speech and Debate clause enshrined in the Constitution, Article 1 Section 6.

Two days later, on Monday, November 22, 2021 (Thanksgiving week), three intelligence officers attempted to enter my office while the House was in recess.

Upon discovering a member of my staff, special agents dressed like construction workers began to question him as to the contents of a photograph taken illegally two days earlier.

@CapitolPolice never informed myself or senior-level staff of their investigation, and the reasons are clear.

They had no authority to photograph my office, let alone investigate myself or members of my staff. So, why is the Capitol Police Leadership maliciously investigating me in an attempt to destroy me and my character?

Maybe it is because I have been a vocal critic of  @SpeakerPelosi, the @January6thCmte, and @CapitolPolice leadership about their handling of January 6th, the death of Ashli Babbitt, and the subsequent SHAM investigation.

According to a news release from the lawmaker’s office, the first incident occurred on November 20, 2021, when a USCP officer allegedly noticed an unsecured door on Nehls’ congressional office.

A white board with information about “a pro-law enforcement bill that would have ensured body armor quality for law enforcement officers” was found inside the congressman’s office, and the officer proceeded to snap photos of the secret materials that were found inside.

After the officer passed the picture up the chain at USCP, intelligence analysts filed a report alleging “strange writings” found in the GOP congressman’s office, which sparked worry and prompted an investigation, according to Nehls’ office.

Nehls, on the other hand, claims that he was never informed that there was a probe investigating him or his staff.

Three USCP officers masquerading as construction workers tried to get into Nehls’ office again two days later, while Congress was off on Thanksgiving holiday and most offices were empty.

However, on November 22, 2021, the officers came upon a staff member who was on duty.

According to the press release, the cops began questioning the employee about the contents of the white board.

In a report by The Federalist, the white board had a brainstorm session regarding laws limiting the purchase of Chinese body armor.

From the Nehls’ office, the list was created in response to a story in The Washington Post about a Texas federal contractor who deceived the US government by giving them with Chinese-made body armor instead of American-made ballistic gear.

The list put underneath the words “body armor” that included references to export administration regulations dealing with Chinese imports and U.S. imports was kept out of the police report concerning the “strange scribbling” on Nehl’s whiteboard. As per The Federalist, the Department of Justice (DOJ) has requirements for ballistic equipment.

“If Capitol Police leadership had spent as much time preparing for January 6 as they spent investigating my white board, the January 6 riot never would have happened,” Nehls said. “When I was a patrol officer responding to a call, I didn’t have the time or authority to go rifling through someone’s personal papers. There are serious 4th Amendment, constitutional issues at play here.”

One Republican congressional staffer who does not work for Nehls told The Federalist that since Jan. 6, 2021, Pelosi has used Capitol Police as her own personal mercenaries instead of focusing on the security failures that let the Capitol riot occur.

“Instead of fixing the obvious problems with Capitol security, Pelosi used January 6 as an excuse to create her own personal Praetorian Guard,” the aide said.

Pelosi, however, claims that Capitol Police are not under her control.

Now, several Republican leaders have written a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Committee on House Administration Chairwoman Zoe Lofgren, urging them to investigate these reports of Capitol Police monitoring lawmakers and citizens. This letter also indicates that the Capitol Police have also been “monitoring the online activity of congressional staff and individuals who meet with Members of Congress.”

“Additionally, Capitol Police were directed to look for information on donors and staff ‘that would cast a member in a negative light,’” the letter reads. “If true, these allegations are serious violations of Americans’ civil rights and civil liberties. Our constituents have the right to petition Congress and they should be able to exercise this right without fear that Capitol Police will scrutinize their property taxes, social media, or relationships.”

Arizona Rep. Andy Briggs gave Fox News Digital a statement on the letter, saying, “Recent reports state that the Capitol Police are surveilling Members of Congress, Congressional staff, and their Capitol visitors.”

“If these reports are true,” Briggs said, “that the Capitol Police force is actively looking for and reviewing private information, then this is a gross violation of American civil liberties and an abuse of power. I’m calling on Speaker Pelosi and Chairwoman Lofgren to do what is best for the American people and look into this troubling report.”

On Fox News’ ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’, Rep. Nehls explained the severity of the situation, saying, “They’re weaponizing these federal law enforcement agencies and intelligence agencies.”

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