Patriots’ Nate Solder And His Son’s Battle With Cancer [Video]

Patriots’ Nate Solder And His Son’s Battle With Cancer.

The Patriots may not be taking home another Superbowl ring this year but there is still one player to root for, Nate Solder. Nate faced cancer himself back in 2014 and came out victorious but in October 2015 the couple’s, then 3-month-old, son was diagnosed with kidney cancer. With the help of treatment, the cancer was pushed into remission. Just three months ago the parents received some devastating news.

As Written By Steve Serby with New York Post:

 BLOOMINGTON, Minn. — The true hero of Super Bowl LII will arrive Thursday with his little sister, Charlie, and his mother, Lexi. His name is Hudson Solder and his father, Nate, is the Patriots left tackle who will be protecting Tom Brady’s blind side from the Eagles.

Hudson Solder continues to battle kidney cancer. He will be 3 years old in July and the tumors in his kidneys were discovered when he was 3 months old. It was a full year before they removed the port that dropped chemotherapy drugs into his tiny body.

“[The tumor] wasn’t growing, wasn’t growing, wasn’t growing — boom, it started growing again, so they had to reinsert the port, start chemotherapy again, and that’s where we’re at now,” Solder said.

The dreaded news for Solder and his wife came in October at Boston Children’s Hospital.

“They brought us over to a private room,” he recalled. “I felt kind of numb to it, I didn’t know how to feel until a doctor kind of had a tear in her eye.

“And I was like, ‘Man, that means we’re starting this all over. That means that he’s at risk for so many different things again.’

“I tried to keep my cool, but I think when I started telling some of our coaches, I lost my cool a little bit, I broke down in front of them. They said if I ever need to take time that they would allow it, that they would not only allow it but support it.”

Hudson received chemo once a week for the first 10 weeks.

“We’re going to do a total of 25 weeks; he’s doing it every three weeks,” Solder said. “He’s going to have his next chemotherapy the Tuesday after the Super Bowl.”

Lexi Solder is a hero too.

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