Must See! Unbelievably Foolish Thief Uses This In His Robbery Attempt

Truck Thief Fails And Radio Station Makes The Best Of It.

Robberies are usually tragic. Personal effects are taken that in some cases can never be replaced. In this case of a failed robbery, it’s hard not to find it humorous. Seattle Radio Station, KIRO Radio 97.3, staff returned to work in the morning to find this gem of an attempt in their surveillance footage from the night before. The thief tried to break into the station as well, but as you can see he has no idea how to do that.

Radio Host John Curley made the attempt even better by voicing over this ridiculous try at a theft, giving it a sporty feel with a play by play. They sure know how to make the best of a situation.

As you can see in the video this guy is no genius and decides of all the possible tools to use to break into a Truck, a mop is the one he goes with. I don’t know if this is because of convenience or just his level of intelligence, but he thinks that the mop will work best as a spear.

Curley does a great voiceover:

“He’s got his stance, shoulder-length apart. And he bangs the mop at the top of the window! He hits and resets. He’s got his feet now, moving apart, looking just to the right, check to make sure no one’s around. And he now positions the mop again,”

Watch The Video Below.

The mop-wielding thief gets back up after a while and walks off, so his injuries must not have been too serious. He looks to be inebriated and probably doesn’t have much of a recollection of this ridiculous attempt at carjacking.

The clearly dangerous robber, well at least to himself, has yet to be found or identified. But beware as he has already shown himself to be adept at mop jousting.