Nursing Home Employee Lacks Human Decency And Abuses Elderly Man [Nanny Cam Footage]

Nursing Home Employee Abuses Patient.

People who work at Nursing Homes have a responsibility to respectfully care for the people that reside there. This is a matter of Human Decency. It’s sad that there are people that lack this. The person that is showcased here is sick she needs to reevaluate her life. Not only should she never be in charge of caring for another individual, she needs to learn some humanity. Her job is to take care of people not abuse them.

Hussein Younes, 89,  was admitted to a nursing home back in 2015. He was placed in the nursing home to recover his from a stomach surgery. Luckily his family invested in a nanny cam as you can see below their mistrust was warranted.

The Nurses threw him around like a rag doll, swore at him, threatened him and they denied him water. Hussein is wheelchair bound and she was trying to force him to walk. The behavior of the nurse in the video is unacceptable.

As you can see in the video below her mistreatment of Hussein is pretty regular. This isn’t an isolated incident and what’s worse is that the other patients don’t have these cameras. It is anyone’s guess to the level of mistreatment that she is inflicting on the people that reside in this nursing home.

Watch The Mistreatment Below.

Hussein’s family saw the nanny cam footage and have rightfully filed a lawsuit against Autumnwood of Livonia in Michigan. Hussein’s son, Salim Younes, originally hid the camera in the alarm clock after he noticed unexplained bruises and cuts on his father. He also noted that his father was losing weight.

“Autumnwood attorneys say the employees in the video have been fired and employees are receiving additional training.”

This kind of behavior is unacceptable they need to make an example people like this to put a stop to it. Everyone gets old, but it is stories like this that make me fear for the elderly already in nursing homes.