“Fire And Ice”: Ice Director Fires Back At Pelosi’s ‘Cowardly’ Comment

Acting ICE Director Has A Choiceoice Words For Pelosi

Acting ICE director, Thomas Homan, didn’t take the minority leader, Nancy Pelosi’s, statement lightly. Pelosi put out a statement calling President Trump’s administration and ICE agents efforts to sustain immigration laws ‘cowardly’. Her statement essentially states that the Democratic party plans to fight immigration laws every step of the way. She tries to direct the narrative to demonize the efforts to rid the US of illegal criminals through deportation.

Sick of hearing this sort of rhetoric, Homan slams Pelosi back. Reminding the out of touch talking head that his agents put their lives on the line to protect American citizens. “So how dare you call them cowardly,” Homan said. The push to protect illegal criminals (for the sake of votes) causes agents to travel deeper into dangerous territories to find them.

As Reported By Fox Insider:

Acting ICE Director Thomas Homan had some strong words Tuesday for House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, who accused the Trump administration and ICE agents of carrying out “cowardly attacks” on illegal immigrants.

Pelosi issued the statement after the Justice Department filed a lawsuit against California, claiming three recently passed state laws are deliberately interfering with federal immigration enforcement.

Pelosi’s statement reads:

“The Trump Administration’s attacks on California are unacceptable in the federal system of government our Founders created.  We have a system of checks and balances – not a system in which the executive branch can unilaterally bend states to its will.  The federal government cannot force states and localities to participate in the cruel roundup of immigrant families, which spreads fear and thwarts cooperation with local law enforcement.

“The people of California will not be bowed by the Trump administration’s brazen aggression and intimidation tactics,” the California Democrat said. “Californians will continue to proudly keep our doors open to the immigrants who make America more American. We will fight this sham lawsuit and will fight all cowardly attacks on our immigrant communities.”

Homan responded on “Varney & Co.” defending his officers for putting “their lives on the line” each day for their country

“So how dare you call them cowardly,” he said.