The slip occurred during Biden’s last press conference overseas before returning to the United States. The admittance was shelved because it was election night and the results took precedence.

While taking questions Joe Biden admitted that his granddaughter is working for Bloomberg and then says, “I’m in trouble.”

The granddaughter of the United States of America is working for a major press outlet that covers the president. Could you imagine if Ivanka Trump worked for Fox News while Trump was in office?

Biden also started doing that creepy whispering thing again.

Biden’s trip overseas was an embarrassment that was mainly covered up by the mainstream media. In the video below, Biden gets lost reading his precious flash cards and starts reading the same paragraph over and over again.

It is amazing that in just 10 months America went from being in a position of strength to weakness. Biden is back to the same old policy of begging for countries for oil because he slashed US oil production. Then he blamed Russia and OPEC for hiking up gas prices. Biden can’t even grasp elementary school level economics, when demand is the same but the supply is cut prices rise.

It’s beyond comical that Biden is president, he should be sitting in a retirement home somewhere, he can’t even keep his eyes open while at work.

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