Obama Caught Lying On Camera About Not Interfering With FBI Investigations [Video]

Obama Caught Lying On Camera About Not Interfering With FBI Investigations but what did you expect from the king of the swamp people?

Isn’t it interesting that as the facts start to surface all around us, all roads lead back to the Obama administration and the Clintons? How is anyone really defending either of these clowns at this point? Well, if you’re holding out hope that somehow it was just the handy work of the Clintons who created all of the recent scandals we face today, allow me to burst your bubble.

While former President Obama has claimed several times to have never intervened or even spoken to the FBI during active investigations, the recent messages between FBI agent Strzok and his girlfriend, Page, proves otherwise. To make matters worse, the former president knowingly went on television to reiterate his claim knowing that he demanded agent Strzok to keep him informed about the Hillary Clinton-email investigation.


As reported by CILLIAN ZEAL with Conservative Tribune:

When it comes to the Strzok-Page texts, the hits just keep on coming. And this time, it’s former President Obama who’s taking the hit.

A newly released set of texts between the Tristan and Isolde of the FBI, disclosed to the public Wednesday, seem to reveal that the Obama administration wanted to stay informed on certain investigations even after the president insisted he wasn’t doing that.

Why is that important? It reveals that the president was lying through his teeth during a 2016 interview in which he perhaps received his toughest grilling on whether he had his fingers in the FBI’s multifarious Clinton-related pies.

First, the texts. According to Fox News, the text exchange in question is from Sept. 2, 2016 — several months after James Comey had officially pronounced Hillary Clinton clean as a whistle.

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