Must Read: Newt Gingrich Explains Why Liberal Elites Don’t Understand Trump’s Success.

Why are the elites so afraid of and baffled by President Trump’s success.

The liberal elites can hardly utter the words “Trump” without coming unhinged. The elite fat-cats refused to recognize the President’s success and, as seen in Meuller’s investigation, only want to dig around until they find something on President Trump.

News flash: Trump supporters are only interested in the work he does for the country. That fact just baffles the liberal’s minds. They don’t understand President Trump and they don’t understand his supporters. The following piece by Newt Gingrich highlights that fact and more, take a look.

As Written By Newt Gingrich for Fox News:

It’s been nearly 14 months since President Trump took office, but the media and Washington establishment still don’t understand our nation’s 45th president. They continue to criticize, distort, discredit and ignore his actions and accomplishments – while making little to no effort to actually understand what he’s doing and the way he operates.

This has been the elites’ pattern since Donald Trump first announced his bid for the White House. It’s what prompted me last year to write my No. 1 New York Times bestselling book “Understanding Trump,” which was released in paperback this week.

When President Trump withdrew the U.S. from the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Paris Climate Agreement, the elites could not see how breaking with these bad agreements could possibly be good for Americans. After all, some of the Washington elites had helped draft these deals – which in the minds of the liberal media meant these deals must be good.

When President Trump imposed direct trade measures on some foreign products – including solar panels, steel, and aluminum – to protect U.S. industries that were being undercut, the elites reflexively questioned his political-trade-foreign relations acumen. Seemingly none of them stopped to consider that President Trump’s decades of success in international business may provide him with an informed opinion and worldview counter to their own…

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