More Trouble At CNN: Zoombator Jeff Toobin Involved in Another Disgusting Controversy

You may remember when CNN legal commentator Jeffery Toobin had to take a time out after he got freaky on a Zoom call.

The CNN commentator is at it again and he has once again found himself in the center of another controversy.

“If you believe that women should have the right choose abortion, today’s Supreme Court argument was a wall-to-wall disaster,” Toobin commented about the opening arguments in the Mississippi abortion case that may overturn Roe vs. Wade.

The onslaught that followed was so bad Toobin restricted people from commenting on the post.

Federalist senior editor Molly Hemingway pointed out that Toobin “reportedly” tried to pressure his mistress – the daughter of a friend – to get an abortion after he got her pregnant.

“Reminder: Pro-abortion activist Toobin reportedly once tried to pressure the woman he was cheating on his wife with — the daughter of a colleague — to abort their child,” Hemingway posted. “All years before he was caught masturbating at work. (Good news: she didn’t succumb to his pressure.)”

Federalist co-founder Sean Davis pointed out that Toobin also refused to pay child support when his mistress decided not to have an abortion.

Karma is really starting to come around and bite CNN. The network is falling apart and I’m loving every second of it.

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