What This Mom Put Her Two Small Children Through Is Despicable [Video]

What This Mom Put Her Two Small Children Through will make your blood boil.

[Williston, North Dakota] Police receive a call regarding the welfare of two small children from a local grocery store parking lot. The issue, as seen in the video, is that the children are not dressed for the -8 degree (f) weather and the mother shows zero regards for their wellbeing as she leave the young girl shivering in the cart while slamming the other around. All the while, the mother is bundled up in a coat and the children do not appear to even have shoes on.

This video has been circling through social media as viewers demand justice. Very few rushed to her defense as outrage was pretty unanimous. Thankfully, in this case, this case, police have identified the mother and children. Take a look.


As Reported on Williston Police Department’s Facebook Page.

“On January 11th , 2018, the Williston Police Department responded to a call for service, in which the reporting party indicated a female was at a local grocery store with two small children. The children did not have appropriate winter gear on for the weather conditions. Numerous concerned citizens have reported the incident. We want to ensure the community that we are actively working an investigation and addressing the concerns. The safety of the children and all community members is our main focus, so we want to thank everyone who reported.”

Obviously, no one wants to shame a mom who is going through a hard time or having a rough moment with her kids. But it’s hard to argue in favor of anyone allowing their shivering babies to go out in subzero temperatures without so much as a hoodie on, regardless of the circumstances. Hopefully the authorities are able to get to make heads or tails of the situation so these kids don’t end up out in the cold without the proper gear again.