Rand Paul: There’s No Way Trump Would Speak Poorly About Haiti

Rand Paul Reveals That Trump Has Been Very Charitable To Haiti.

The Media/Liberals were ready to pounce the other day when they heard Sen. Dick Durbin claim Trump said Haiti and other countries were s***holes. But that is seeming to be less and less the case as Senator Rand Paul points out that it doesn’t make any sense.

“It is unfair to draw conclusions from a remark that I think wasn’t constructive is the least we can say and I think it is unfair to all of a sudden, paint him, well, he’s a racist, when I know for a fact he cares very deeply about the people in Haiti because he helped to finance a trip, we were able to give vision back for 200 people in Haiti,” Paul said.”

Now, contrast Trump’s generosity with the lack thereof of failed Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, a woman whom the media worked awfully hard (and unethically) two years ago to try and install as America’s next president.

Though she and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, raised money through the now-discredited Clinton Foundation to help Haiti recover from its 2010 earthquake, they allegedly wasted some of that money on their daughter’s wedding.