Australian Woman Has The Deadliest Bucket List

Australian Woman Kills Without Remorse.

Australian woman Jemma Lilley,26, always wanted to kill someone before she turned 25. Lilley was obsessed with serial killers and murder to the extent that she wrote a book about a serial killer. Lenon a semi-new roommate was into BDSM, took pride in being a submissive.

Lilley felt that she needed to kill someone so she had Lenon lure an 18-year-old autistic boy, Aaron Pajich, into her home and had him install games onto her computer.While he was busy doing that she took a wire and coming from behind him used the wire to strangle Pajich. The cable broke before she had killed him so her roommate Lennon held him down while she proceeded to stab him 3 times, twice in the neck and once in the chest. Lilley then buried Pajich in a shallow grave with some tiles and a concrete slab in her backyard.

Captured From Video (Aaron Pajich)

Pajich was a friend of one of Lenon’s sons and had studied with Lenon before at a local college. Lilley had supposedly never met him before the incident. Lennon invited Aaron to the mall and then back to their apartment. His last known words among friends were “Goodbye and God bless” as he went to meet Lennon in the mall.

“Autism advocate Bob Johnson also addressed the media, saying the women abused Aaron Pajich’s trust and naivety.

“They took advantage of someone who, you know, typically was just looking for friendship, easy to be exploited, not able to read the motivations of other people,” he said.”

Lilley boasted about it to her friend and roommate Lenon very satisfied with herself and happy with her accomplishment. She said she never had such feeling of euphoria before.

The two were caught after the Police followed up on a missing person report.

The death occurred last June and the roommates have turned on each other, Lilley claimed she was asleep during the incident and Lenon Claimed Lilley killed him in the living room. Both Women have been found guilty of the crime this past week although Lenon has received a lesser charge as she was deemed an accomplice, not the main perpetrator.

The federal government of Austrailia abolished the death penalty in 1973 so the worse the woman face is prison time, even though they would be perfect candidates. They maliciously took advantage of the slow and innocent Pajich whose only fault was trusting too much and being too friendly.

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As Reported By Joanna Menagh,


Killers are ‘disgusting animals’: mother

The Supreme Court jury deliberated for only two-and-a-half hours before finding both women guilty. They delivered the verdict to a courtroom packed with Mr. Pajich’s family, detectives who worked on the case and members of Lilley and Lenon’s families.

Neither woman showed any emotion as the verdicts were delivered. They were remanded in custody to be sentenced in February 2018 and both face the prospect of life prison sentences.

After the verdicts, Aaron’s mother Sharon Pajich said she was happy with the outcome and believed justice had been done.

Ms. Pajich said it had been heartbreaking to hear what happened to her son.

“You just can’t get it out of your head, it’s going to be a lifetime for me.

“He was my precious little boy, my first born, he loved life.”

She described Lenon and Lilley as “disgusting animals” and said she hopes they get life sentences.

While thanking the jury for their service, Justice Stephen Hall said that the case had been a disturbing one and counseling was available for any jurors who needed it.