Liberal Schools FORCING Children To Participate In Black Lives Matter March!

These liberal activists kept on denying that they are not teaching Marxist critical race theory in school, but the truth is they’re huge liar who makes everything on their reach to use for their own narrative.

A very sad thing has happened to our children as these liberal so-called teachers are using kindergarten students from the private Lowell School in Washington, D.C. to march around the school while wearing a face mask and carrying BLM signs in their hands.

A new video has been circulating online where kindergarten students are seen marching through the halls holding BLM signs and chanting black lives matter after their teachers told them to do so.

You can see that someone added, “Sound on as our pre-primary students raise their voices.” Actually, I hear the sentiments of a Marxist teacher imposing her/his/its will onto very young kids. Well played, commie. It’s weird how the faces of adults do not appear in the video. In fact, near the end, it almost seems as if the cameraman is trying to NOT record an adult.

The kids are also wearing the Fauci face diaper; even though only 235 kids aged 5-14 have died of/with COVID-19 in the past two years. Also, the CDC JUST said that those cloth masks are the least effective of all masks. But hey, those kids aren’t wearing masks for their health; they are wearing them so that they learn to conform and submit at an early age. And what better way to ingrain young minds than to force them to engage in two prevailing institutions of today’s American Marxism: wearing a mask while chanting “black lives matter”?

This video has caught the attention of Libsoftiktok an independent journalist. Libsoftiktok alarmed people how these latest exploitations occurring in schools and reposted the video to Twitter.

This only proved that children in private schools are no longer safe from these sick liberals who would do everything to use them in this insane indoctrination.

And the only way to separate our children from these evil human beings is to have them learn far from the schools that supported these liberals, through homeschooling.

Sources: The Gateway Pundit, PJ Media