Liberal California In The Way Of American Progress

Liberal Californian Politicians Plan To Block American Progress.

It seems like California is always the problem with Celebrity Sex Scandals, Gender Identity Politics, Race baiting, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, and people that should never have been allowed to have the title teacher.  The heart of the Liberal nonsense all stems from California and I could keep going. There is just no end to the ridiculous, immoral, and backward state of things in California.

But our favorite true blue state felt the need to mess with Trump’s plans once again. This time with the plans to open up drilling to the Western Coast.

“California will block the transportation through its state of petroleum from new offshore oil rigs, officials told Reuters on Wednesday, a move meant to hobble the Trump administration’s effort to vastly expand drilling in U.S. federal waters.”

The Lieutenant Governor weighed in on Trump’s vision for the future.

“I am resolved that not a single drop from Trump’s new oil plan ever makes landfall in California,” Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom” stated.

Sadly other states are also not seeing the big picture and have also expressed concerns about the possible oil rigs.

A number of other states have asked the Interior Department to exempt them from the drilling plan. So far, Secretary Zinke has said he would exempt Florida, which borders the Eastern Gulf and the Southeastern Atlantic, to protect its tourism industry and he has promised to hold discussions with other states that have expressed concerns.”

Hopefully, these states will see the light and the many benefits that their states would get by having offshore oil rigs. But California would probably have to be forced by law to have the rigs and when they started reaping the benefits they would be sure to claim it was due to something else. Because you know those Liberals can’t give Trump any sort of Thanks.