Kamala Really Is Trying To Play President, Wages War Against Biden Behind Closed Doors Says Report

The West Wing is a complete mess.

Politico posted excerpts of an upcoming book detailing the Biden administration and it shows the fox is loose in the hen house.

New York Times correspondent Jonathan Martin and Alexander Burns are reporting that Kamala is waging war trying to undercut Joe Biden.

Politico reported on a large excerpt that detailed how the Vice President was trying to impose her own foreign policy doctrine and when she didn’t get her way threw a hissy fit.

From Politico:

At one point, her “staff floated the possibility of the vice president overseeing relations with the Nordic countries — a low-risk diplomatic assignment that might have helped Harris get adjusted to the international stage in welcoming venues like Oslo and Copenhagen,” the authors write.

“White House aides rejected the idea and privately mocked it. More irritating to Biden aides was when they learned the vice president wanted to plan a major speech to outline her view of foreign policy. Biden aides vetoed the idea.”

Immigration and the Northern Triangle countries in Central America presented another tense stand-off between Biden and Harris. The trio of Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador had been in Biden’s portfolio as vice president and he was now giving them to Harris. But given that Biden gave Harris the task amidst a surge of migration to the southern border, it was seen by Harris’ staff as politically undesirable.

“Harris was resigned to the assignment,” Martin and Burns write. But she wanted to avoid the “border czar” label and “did not hesitate to chide Biden for characterizing her assignment in those terms.”

The authors recounted a meeting with Congressional Black Caucus leaders in mid-April, in which Biden heaped praise on Harris but also said he’d given her the important task of handling immigration and that she would do “a hell of a job.”

“The vice president corrected him at once,” the authors report. “Excuse me, she said, it’s the Northern Triangle — not immigration.”

It’s no wonder the country is in the state that it is in, both the president and vice president are acting like petulant children.