Hillary Jolted After Poll About Durham Probe, Turns Her World Upside Down

Hillary Clinton was hoping that she was going to have a great week and was looking to gain momentum as the Biden administration falls apart.

However, a new poll done by TechnoMetrica Institute of Policy and Politics in New Jersey about the Durham investigation is turning her world upside down. Researchers themselves were shocked to learn that 66% of Democrats support the Durham probe and believe Hillary should be held accountable. The report also found that a majority of Americans want Attorney General Merrick Garland’s counsel Maggie Goodlander to recuse herself.

From the New York Post:

76 percent of Americans want Attorney General Merrick Garland’s counsel Maggie Goodlander to recuse herself from the Durham probe because of a potential personal conflict posed by her husband, White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, who is cited in the Sussmann indictment.

Hillary was hoping to ride in and save the party but, that’s quickly going up in smoke after a court filing by the Durham probe showed that her 2016 campaign paid a tech firm to spy on Trump.

That filing stemmed from the indictment of Clinton campaign attorney Michael Sussman for lying during a meeting between him and former FBI General Counsel James Baker on September 19, 2016. Sussman has been accused of using fake evidence to mislead the FBI into believing there was a secret back channel between Russian banks and the Trump organization.

Sussman claims that he was not working for any entity and met with Baker on his own accord however, Durham has 91,000 pages of documents to counter Sussman’s claim.

We previously reported, a reporter from the Dailymail caught up with Hillary and she refused to answer any questions. Later reporters caught up with Clinton while she and her daughter Chelsea were filming for an event and she continued to stonewall reporters.