Insane Video From Minneapolis Shows How Lawless Democrat Run Cities Have Become

The mainstream media wants you to focus on the shooting in Illinois but a lot of that is because they are suppressing the lawlessness that took place in blue-run cities over the holiday weekend.

The video of what occurred in Minneapolis, Minnesota is like something out of a Batman movie.

You’ll see two cars drive down the street and spray pedestrians with professional-grade fireworks. According to witnesses, it took hours for police to respond and clear the streets.

“At times there had to have been more than 100 teenagers out here and they were speeding up and down the streets in their cars hanging out of their sunroofs and throwing mortars,” resident Chris Chambliss said. “People running, I mean you’d hear them screaming and all of a sudden a whole group would be running up the sidewalk and a mortar would blow up right behind them.”

The havoc also occurred in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and it’s so bad the Mayor said he can’t wait to leave.

Kenney was responding to a violent shooting that took place during a 4th of July celebration. Crime in Philly has skyrocketed mainly because of Kenney’s far-left policies.