Infuriated Father Points Out The Ludicrous Nature Of The National Walkout [Video]

Father Points Out The Failure Of A School Faculty During The National Walkout.

Teachers have a responsibility to teach their students and keep them safe. Parents entrust the welfare of their children to schools. So during The National Student Walkout schools failed to uphold their end of the promise. They failed to ask parents if their kids could participate in this Politically motivated event. One parent was rightfully upset about the conduct of the faculty that run his son’s school.

Parent John Gunn was or more than a little irate about this situation that the school encouraged and allowed without parental consent. So he confronted his son’s school Principal, Barbara Boggio of the Ventura Unified School District.

“I want to know who authorized these kids to go out and leave the class when I wasn’t even notified about it,” He asked.

“As our school planned for who and what, we anticipated something …” Boggio replied before she was interrupted as Gunn incredulously stated, “6th graders? 6th graders? When do 6th graders make decisions?”

“When do 12-year-olds make decisions?” he continued. “You’re an adult, you’re the school, you’re supposed to teach my child. You don’t influence my child in any which way. Democrat, liberal, Republican, whatever it is. I want it out of the school system.” Boggio seemingly agreed with all of this.

“So why did my son have to sit in that class — because he didn’t leave — but why wasn’t I notified?” Gunn pressed, to which Boggio replied that “if the student chose to leave, that’s their choice.”

“What do you mean that’s their choice? They’re 6th graders!” he shot back in disbelief. “If this wasn’t a protest and this wasn’t happening, you would let the kid leave? If this was not a protest yesterday across the country about gun control or whatever it is, you would have let the kids just leave?”

Watch A Student’s Father Interrogate A School Principal.

The teacher is dumbfounded she never thought that someone would have an opposing view. As she likely was promoting the event and felt proud about her students’ involvement. She doesn’t say as much in the video but she is in charge of the entire school and had the option to prevent people from participating in the Anti-Gun protest.

Gunn is right since when do 12-year-olds tell teachers what to do? Is this the conduct of teachers nowadays? This is a unacceptable behavior on the part of the teachers. They are the guardians of the kids during the day and should be able to handle their students or switch professions.