ICE Rebels Against The President: ‘Trump We Trusted You And You Betrayed Us.’

Undoubtedly, most of the ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) officers just want to do their job but are being stopped by major roadblocks left behind by the Obama administration. The remnants of the previous administration are actively putting the Enforcement agency at risk.

The Ice National Council President, Chris Crane, says he finds himself defending the President from the angry officers. Crane eludes that he knows of people around President Trump, that have been shielding him from what is really going on in ICE. Who are these people hiding this information?

President Trump has been making more progress in his first few months in office than most do in their first four years. That said, if the President is not being shielded from knowing the truth, he could still be working to fix the problem.

The leftovers from the Obama administration undoubtedly put ICE members in danger but was making a website to openly rebel against President Trump, the answer? One thing is clear if Trump was being shielded he definitely knows about it now and it’s only a matter of time before ICE should hopefully see some action.


As Reported by Stephen Dinan with The Washinton Times.

The worry about blue-on-blue entanglements played out the other way in the Philadelphia incident, where ICE officers say supervisors told them to remove their bulletproof vests before attempting to make an arrest in the city.

The vests contain the officers’ markings identifying them as police, so without the vests, they had nothing visible to show they were law enforcement. Neighbors ended up calling city police to report the men as intruders.

The website said the supervisors should have been fired and Mr. Trump should personally issue a directive ordering discipline for any ICE supervisor who demands officers remove their body armor.

“Our own supervisors would rather see the bodies of their own dead officers full of bullet holes than offend an illegal alien,” said Officer Gabriel Cimino, president of the local union chapter. “This is the absolute madness that our officers in the field are dealing with every day. Will an officer have to die before President Trump helps us restore order to this agency?”

The ICE official speaking for the agency was unable to provide more details but indicated they were taking the matter seriously.

“ICE holds all of its personnel to the highest standards of professional and ethical conduct. The agency takes all allegations of misconduct very seriously and will respond appropriately based on any investigative findings,” the official said.

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