Crooked Hillary Is Delusional As Ever With Her Anti-Trump Stance

Hillary Clinton Can’t Come To Terms That She Lost To Trump Fair And Square.

Hillary Clinton is at it again trying to find a way to slander Donald Trump and claiming that there is no way she lost the Presidential election legitimately. Despite the evidence of Hillary’s collusion with the Russians she still believes its trump with his “web of connections of people on trump’s team and Russian Representatives.”

During the interview, they talk about “a million lost votes” that supposedly would have changed the election and won Hillary Wisconsin. But while we are speculating I doubt she would win and who is to say the votes would be Pro Hillary, Anyone with any sense would make the right choice and vote for Trump.

Hillary speaks of “Weaponized False Information” as if she didn’t dirty her hands in advertisements against Trump and she is constantly trying to manipulate people into believing falsehoods about Trump. This whole interview is a clear example of using false information to try and slight our President. As she questions the legitimacy of the Trump Presidency.

She even has the gall to say that Trump is trying to ‘cover up’ the truth about the election, that the Trump administration is against truth and transparency. When all Trump has done is follow up on his Campaign promises.

“Certainly, the trump administration has no interest in finding out the truth, they are allergic to the truth in a lot of settings, so they are certainly going to be trying to do everything they can to prevent it from coming out here.”

She claims anyone who supports Trump is Naive and questions republicans loyalty to their country.

“I hope Republicans will understand that responsibility is to our country first and party second”

But what can you expect from a crooked politician that rigged the Democratic primary and did who knows how many rotten things in the hopes of winning the Presidential Election. If anything she is just upset she couldn’t rig the presidential election as well. Hillary is just the ultimate sore loser.

Watch Her Bash Trump And The American People In Hillary’s Interview Below.

As Reported By Ari Berman,

Clinton admitted that her campaign had “shortcomings” that contributed to her loss, but she said the stakes of Russian meddling were bigger than just the election result. “If we don’t figure out what they did to us and take adequate steps to prevent it, they’re only going to get better,” she said.