Liberals Have Always been Against Business But What They Did To This 5-Year-Old Is Ridiculous

5-Year-Old Gets A Tough Life Lesson About Liberal States.

Porterville, California’s Finance Department is shutting down a 5-year-old girl because she did not have a permit to sell Lemonade. In my day selling Lemonade was just what young ambitious kids did to make money and not a lot either. Usually, a kid wouldn’t make all that much unless it was really hot and they had a fantastic location. It was a life lesson on selling things, marketing your product, and gave a sense of the value of money and work. There was also a sense of pride that was earned being young kid able to afford to buy something with your own money.

But in this day and age where you now need a permit to sell lemonade in your front yard things have become ridiculous. What’s next is the liberal state going to stop little girls from picking flowers in their backyards or fireflies in jars.

Autumn Thomasson, the five-year-old girl, was looking to save up enough money to buy a bicycle. She put up her lemonade stand in June. Her mom did the one thing that most kids didn’t have, she advertised the lemonade stand like crazy, wanting her daughter to succeed and earn the bicycle. She flooded social media sites and by doing so her daughter’s lemonade stand was a huge success.

Months later after the girl earned her bicycle Portersville’s Finance department sent the Thomassons’ a letter telling them that they would need a business permit if they wanted to sell lemonade again. Some Liberal snowflake thought it was unfair for her to sell lemonade and filed an anonymous complaint on Autumn’s Lemonade Stand.

John Lollis, Porterville City Manager, is now trying to make amends for the gross error the Finance Department made.


As Reported By Fox News

“There’s no excuse why it should have been sent,” he said. “We want our youth to be engaged and looking at business opportunities.”

A business license is not required to sell lemonade, Lollis added.

Lollis and City Councilmember Cameron Hamilton went to apologize to DeHaas in-person on Sunday, but she was not home at the time, Fox26 reported.

DeHaas said the experience taught her daughter a valuable lesson.

“There’s always gonna be bitter people or bad people,” she said. “But there’s always gonna be good outweighing everybody.”