Biden Blindsided: Senate Dems Reject A Plea From Joe

Another day, another Joe Biden failure.

The Biden Administrations’ agenda has ended because Americans are overwhelmingly rejecting it.

Despite having the entire media on his side (unlike former President Trump) Joe Biden’s approval ratings continue to fall to historically low levels. An ABC/Washington Post poll found that only 38% of Americans approve of Joe Biden and most of them are Democrats touting the party line and aren’t disclosing how they really feel.

Embattled Democrats who are running for re-election this year have no stomach to have another contentious battle in Congress but that didn’t stop Joe Biden from demanding that Congress pass radical gun control reforms.

The response from Democrats in the House and Senate was clear they aren’t going out on a limb for Joe Biden and they want nothing to do with his agenda this election cycle.

From The Hill:

Democratic lawmakers are showing little appetite for tackling the controversial issue ahead of the 2022 midterm elections, exasperating activists frustrated over the lack of action at a time when Democrats control the White House and both branches of Congress after 10 years of Republican or split control of Congress.

Democrat Senator Jon Tester eluded that Biden’s plea was just virtue signaling rhetoric from the White House and admitted that gun control hasn’t even been discussed.

“It hasn’t come up in conversation in the last year,” he told The Hill shortly before Thanksgiving.

Joe Biden is toxic and Democrats are running away from him. A record 31 Democrats in the House will not be running for re-election and it is expected that after Biden’s State of the Union address a record amount of senior-level staffers are resigning from their positions inside the White House.

Townhall confirmed a CNN report:

“Several White House officials have told CNN there’s an expectation there will be more departures in the weeks ahead, likely after Biden’s State of the Union address on March 1,” CNN noted in their report, adding that there’s no indication that other members of Biden’s senior team are on the way out.

Joe Biden has fallen and he can’t get up.