Holy Smokes! Jesse Watters Report Confirms Kamala Rumors, Staff In Panic Congress Prepping For High Profile Hearings (VIDEO)

Just a couple of weeks ago Human Events reporter Jack Posobiec learned that Jill Biden was inquiring how she could get rid of Vice President Kamala Harris.

According to Posobiec who has shown to have mulitple sources inside the White House, Jill Biden – who still hasn’t forgotten about the Democrat presidential candidate debate – is lobbying to find a way to dump Kamala.

Recently, CNN wrote a hit piece of their highlighting the disfunction between Kamala and Joe while also highlighting the fact she has lower approval numbers than Joe. People close to Biden want Mayor Pete to be Vice President believing that he would fair better in an election against a Republican candidate.

It appears the rumors are true after a report from Jess Watters at Fox News. According to Watters Democrats in the House are quietly researching the mechanics of how to hold confirmation hearings for replacing a Vice President. Normally, the Senate does all the confirmations however, when replacing a Vice President the House also takes part.

What’s even more fascinating was the response from the corporate media, there wasn’t one.

Normally, the “truth detectors” like CNN’s Brian Stelter – who monitors Fox like a helicopter mom – would immediately refute the report claiming everything is fine and that this is just part of the “big lie.”

There wasn’t a peep out of them, instead they flooded their website and twitter accounts with news about the 1/6 commission. If Biden goes ahead and dumps Kamala get your popcorn folks because the CRT group is going to lose their minds.