As The World Hinges On WWIII Kamala Gets Snobby, Snubs USA Ambassador Because Of Jill Biden

As the world hinges on a possible large war in Europe Kamala Harris has decided to be caddy. America’s Ambassador to Germany, Amy Gutmann was with Vice President Harris for the Munich Security Conference. When the conference was over Gutmann asked to return to the United States with Harris however she was denied a seat on the plane. Gutmann who is a lifelong friend of Jill Biden was forced to fly commercial because Kamala didn’t trust her being on the plane.

Gutmann is also facing criticism for returning to the USA after the conference in Munich given the circumstances in Ukraine.

The White House lobbied the Senate for a quick confirmation because “they said she was urgently needed in Germany due to an impending war from Russia.”

Spokesman for the US Embassy in Berlin, Joseph Giordono-Scholz said that Gutmann’s return was because she still needed to be in-processed by the State Department due to the fact she was only recently confirmed.

“Every effort was made for Ambassador Gutmann to be sworn in and credentialed as quickly as possible, precisely so that she could start her tenure quickly and join the key engagements with allies and partners at the Munich Security Conference,” Giordono-Scholz said in an email. “Ambassador Gutmann has temporarily returned to the United States to undertake cross-government consultations on the situation and to complete necessary State Department in-processing, and will return to Berlin as soon as possible. Ambassador Gutmann is fully engaged in the critical diplomacy being undertaken at this crucial moment. Any suggestion otherwise is completely false.”

The Vice President’s office has not denied that Gutmann was not allowed to fly back with Kamala and the State Department refuses to comment.

It’s really incredible to see how caddy the Biden Administration is. Their policies have led us to a possible large-scale conflict in Europe and they can’t even get along on a plane.