Hilarious! Watch Liberal ‘Karen’ FAIL To Stop ‘F**** Joe Biden’ Chant, ‘You Guys Are…

A liberal Karen tried to stop fans cheering “F*** Joe Biden” which many would argue is a new national anthem.

The woman tried to claim that the large group of fans was “racists.”

Watch below:

Joe Biden has become a national laughing stock as “lets go Brandon” signs also start popping up at national sporting events.

For those that never saw the video, “Lets Go Brandon” occurred when an NBC sports reported tried to do damage control during an interview as fans chanted “F**k Joe Biden.”

The chant is now everywhere…

The chants are starting to get to Biden because he’s addressed it a couple of times touting how many people voted for him.

As usual Joe is a day late and a dollar short, that was almost 10 months ago, he should take a look at his poll numbers.

Joe is losing a majority of his support from independents who voted for him in November but now have buyers remorse. Inflation is through the roof, shelves are starting to get thin at retailers, oil prices are insane, and America hasn’t even gotten through the cold months. Joe Biden is a train wreck and the American people are sounding off.