Freedom Under Fire: Cafe Evicted For Christian Belief?!

Cafe In Courthouse Evicted For Christian Belief.

The Christian religion is constantly under fire from atheists like The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF), and other religious persecutors. Usually, the oddest things trigger these anti-christian folks. It’s never a matter of religion being forced onto people or any sort of blatant wrong. Cafe Justice resides in a Courthouse and is having a difficult time with their landlord. Despite being a good tenant for years, the landlord has decided to oust the Cafe from the Courthouse.

The Courthouse Cafe has been a staple in Rancho Cucamonga, California, for the past 11 years. During that time they have kept an ongoing Christian theme. They play Christian music and have inspirational posters hanging up. The Cafe is quite the hotspot for legal professionals as well as their clients. But recently there was a complaint lodged with the landlord, The County Department of Real Estate Services, about their choice of music. This complaint seems to have led to some stiff undeserved consequences.

The County Department of Real Estate Services decided to put the Cafe’s spot up for public bid and for some reason have denied the Cafe Justice owners from partaking in the bid. So the landlord is preventing the owners from staying just because they listen to Christian music? What an odd move after 11 years.

The owners of Cafe Justice, Carlo Magnos, and his wife have contacted a lawyer and plan to fight this weird move by the landlord.

We have initiated litigation against the County of San Bernardino Real Estate Service to reveal the unlawful handling of the bidding process along with the religious discrimination against a Christian-owned business,” he said.

County officials did not respond to my questions.

As it stands, the Magnos are about to be evicted from the courthouse. Should that happen it would be a grave injustice for Cafe Justice.”

Is this discrimination based on Religion or just a Landlord looking for a change?