Elderly Couple’s Domestic Dispute Takes A Scary Turn

Elderly Couple’s Domestic Dispute Gets Out Of Hand.

In Springfield, Virginia, an elderly couple’s domestic dispute brought the police and ended in the worst way. The police were called in after it was reported that there was an assault in progress with a deadly weapon. The call was placed by a family member who initially had trouble getting into the house. When they finally entered they saw a 70-year-old man wielding a hatchet, blunt face forward, aimed at his 76-year-old wife.

The family member was able to remove the wife from the house without incident but the man followed them outside and proceeded to fight the family member over the hatchet. Police showed up to the call around this time and the man retreated inside.

The Officers upon arrival accessed the scene and set up a perimeter. The Officers then searched the grounds and tried to see if the could tell where the man was inside the house.

captured from video

“One officer was able to see inside the garage where the suspect was located on the floor,” said Awad. “He appeared to have life-threatening injuries to the upper body. He has since died from those injuries. They appear to be caused by a chainsaw.”

What a way to go.

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As Reported By Evan Lambert, Fox5 DC

“I could see that the lady was really confused and kind of like in shock, and her hands were probably injured, cut,” said neighbor Zury Bradcovich. “Then I saw them finding the older gentlemen and brought him to the garage, put him on the ground and he was bleeding tremendously from this part of his body. He looked really bad and they worked on him for maybe 10 to 15 minutes, and then they took him away.”

Police say the husband was pronounced dead at the hospital. The female victim suffered non-life-threatening injuries and is expected to survive.

Police continue to investigate the incident.