Florida EMT Say Police Wouldn’t Let Them Enter The School? [Video]

Florida EMT’s Are Outraged That Officers would not let them enter the school and Florida’s Attorney General says ‘someone is not being truthful’?

The tragic shooting that took place at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School has unveiled serious neglect and oversite by law enforcement. While Sheriff Israel is holding speeches about gun control, it was his department who allegedly arrived first to the scene, yet Coral Springs officers were the first to actually enter the building.

Coral Springs officers have expressed outrage at Sheriff Israel’s deputies for not acting. One Coral Springs officer broke down in tears because his wife and son were in the school at the time. An investigation is currently underway, looking into the actions of  Sheriff’s Israel’s officers as well as the school’s deputy on duty, who also failed to enter the school during the shooting.

Now, first responders (EMTs) have come forward saying that officers would not allow them into the building during the critical life-saving moments following the shooting. This whole thing is a tragic, horrific mess and the more we discover the worse it all seems- if that’s even possible. There’s more, take a look.


As Written By Matt Finn with Fox News:

Three high-ranking Florida officials close to the law enforcement response at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School tell Fox News there was a delay in Emergency Medical Service getting into the school in the critical moments after Nikolas Cruz allegedly opened fire, killing 17 people and wounding at least 14 others.

Two separate sources told Fox News some of the EMS teams who requested to enter the school were told they could not. One source said it was the Broward County Sheriff’s Office – which was the commanding office – that ordered some of the EMS crews not to go into the school when they requested to enter.

“What’s going to come out is, in the communications on several circumstances, there was the request to enter… the request was denied from Broward County,” a Florida official told Fox News.

“When you have a police agency saying we don’t want you going in, that’s a problem,” another Florida official said. “The training since Columbine has been [that] first responders, police go in immediately with paramedics.”

In an email to Fox News, a BSO spokesperson forwarded a memo it released on Saturday. In part, the memo read, “there are multiple investigations being conducted in addition to the Stoneman Douglas shooting. Investigators will not be rushed or asked to jump to conclusions. Their investigations are thorough and methodical as they take and compare witness statements, review dozens of incident reports, transcribe and analysis numerous radio transmissions, listen to more than 80 911 calls.”