Maxine Waters Channels Crazy Again With Her “Impeach 45!” Cry.

Maxine Water Once Again Calls For Trump’s Impeachment.

Some Democrats try to come to the table and work with Republicans to make policy. While others are more like Maxine Waters unable accept that Obama is no longer President and still complaining about Hillary losing the election. The California Rep has once again made a big fuss about Trump.

During her annual speech in San Diego, she ran her mouth as per usual and of course, Trump’s name came out. Waters much like a broken record bashed Trump adding some new material here and there but ending with her classic “Impeach 45!”

“I cannot wait, and I’m counting on Special Counsel Mueller to connect the dots.”

“Democrats, I don’t care what the Republicans say. I say impeach 45!” Waters declared.”

I believe he’s getting closer to discovering what Americans were and are involved in collusion with the Russians.”

Watch the Video Below.

“It’s absolutely appalling to learn … your many allies are all connected to the oligarchs of Russia, the Kremlin and [Russian President Vladimir] Putin,” Waters said.

Waters ended her nearly 20-minute speech to several standing ovations, loud cheers and an “Impeach 45” chant.”

Trump’s approval rating is higher today than it was on Election Day in 2016 and argued that if it continues to trend in that direction, Republicans will do much better in the midterms than Waters and other Democrats might expect.

“Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have told people like Maxine Waters to cut it out with using the ‘impeachment’ word, but she’s not listening,” Priebus said. “Well, that’s to the benefit, I think, of the Republican Party.”

This is the level that Maxine has stooped to where even the Democrats are telling her to back off of Trump as she has an unhealthy fixation with trying to impeach him.

Only California would vote such a person into office.