Even Bernie Sanders Is Sick Of Hearing About Stormy Daniels

Bernie Sanders Takes A Quick Jab At CNN.

The Media will run a story over and over again until the public is desensitized by it entirely, That’s what’s happening in the Stormy Daniels case. Stormy Daniels as most of you may know is a Pornographic actress. Her real name is Stephanie Clifford and she is claiming that she had an affair with Trump years ago. She supposedly was then paid 130k to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Now for some reason, the Media has taken an interest in her and they won’t stop shining the limelight on her. So much so that Bernie Sanders the Democrat and Socialist made a comment about CNN’s non-stop coverage. During an interview at the South By South West Film Festival, Jake Tapper, CNN Anchor,  interviewed Sanders and asked him a whole bunch of questions.

Tapper: “Let me bring something up.”

Sanders: “Stormy Daniels?”

Tapper who had a different question in mind followed Sanders on his tangent and playfully quipped. “You keep bringing her name up.” To which Sanders replied: “Not as much as CNN.”

Sander then went on to say that the Media is getting ridiculous it should be focusing on things people actually care about.

In this country, we have a lot of people who are in pain — single mothers, people who can’t afford college — they want to see something that reflects their reality,”

Our job is to talk to people respectfully,” he adds. “Not most [Trump supporters] are racist, sexist or xenophobes. They are hurting and want change — change to the middle class and not the one percent. Everyone in this room has to participate.”

You know the Left-Leaning Media is getting bad when Bernie Sanders calls them out on it. He even makes a pretty valid point that the Media should better representing it’s viewers as opposed to running Pornstar Stormy Daniels 24/7.