President Trump’s Fiery Speech At The Pennsylvania Rally Will Inspire You [Video]

President Trump Delivers a Fiery Speech for Conservative Candidate, Rick Saccone.

The race in Pennsylvania between [R]-Rick Saccone and [D]-Conor Lamb is a real nail-biter. Which is surprising as President Trump took P.A. by a landslide during the presidential elections. Well, the President wasn’t going to stand idly by and wait for the results from the ballots to come in. He took flight tonight to the 18th district and delivered a highly motivating performance for Saccone.

His high energy, despite his hectic schedule, can be felt by those who attended the rally. Take a look at the highlights of Trump’s visit to Pennsylvania.


The race so far shows the two candidates in a tie, hopefully, President Trump inspired PA’s Conservative voter to get out and vote! Because, as it stand this is going to be a close race.

As Reported By National Public Radio:

Lamb is walking a tightrope in a district where the president remains popular. He’s trying to appeal to moderates, and he’s publicly backed the idea of steel and aluminum tariffs, which the president formally ordered on Thursday. In some ways, Lamb is trying to run independent of the president, rather than as a referendum on him, and it seems to be resonating.

“When you look at just money raised, volunteer efforts that have been put forth, the Democrats are running the most energized campaign that I’ve ever seen in this seat in near history,” said DeVanney, who worked as a consultant for former Rep. Murphy.