Video: Ron & Casey DeSantis Take Gavin Newsom To The Woodshed Over His Laughable Disinformation

Even MSNBC is catching on, and they are calling Florida Governor Ron DeSantis an “evil genius.”

During a segment on Morning Joe, host Scarborough lamented that Democrats are getting ravaged by DeSantis.

“It’s the cultural issues that are trapdoors for, I’ll say not just Democrats, but a lot of people in the media — who oversimplify an issue,” Scarborough said.

“And play right into Desantis’ hands . . . DeSantis is great at setting this up, so he gets to take on the media. He gets to take on the supposed left, when it’s only the most progressive wing of the Democratic party. And suddenly, he’s the, he’s the savior of, of the great, you know, moral majority or whatever he’d want to call it. And it is just — it is, DeSantis baits the left. And, and, that’s why he has over $100 million right now in his campaign,” the MSNBC host complained.

Mike Barnicle added that DeSantis is a “sort of evil genius.”

“Yeah, I think evil genius is the right way to put it . . . I think DeSantis is an evil genius,” guest Claire McCaskill said. “Joe couldn’t be more correct, and I probably don’t say that often enough. Joe couldn’t be more correct about DeSantis baiting the left into making this about something that isn’t real.”

The left-wing whiners weren’t wrong DeSantis just took Newsom to the woodshed once again.

The Florida governor responded to Newsom’s attacks, and it was a butt whooping.

“This is a guy that locked people down, that kept kids out of school, denied people the right to earn a living, wanted to force COVID vaxes on people – what did I do? I stood in the way of all that,” DeSantis said. “We made sure that people had the choice about whether they wanted to take this vax or not. They should not have ever been in a position to lose their job.”

The Florida Governor also responded to Newsom’s attacks on him forcing the Special Olympics to drop their vaccine mandate.

“These athletes – they have down syndrome, disabilities, and they wanted to compete in the Special Olympics in Orlando. Well, there’s an international bureaucracy affiliated with the group that imposed vax discrimination on these athletes,” he said. “The athletes I met, their doctors told them not to do it based on their condition.”

“He would discriminate against athletes with down syndrome! Give me a break.”

Casey DeSantis is also fighting back.