Wow: Take A Look At What Democrats Suddenly Won’t Talk About.

You know you’ve struck gold when liberals stop complaining. In this case, that is exactly what happened. Ever since the FBI discovered that Trump was not involved in a Russian Dossier and that Fusion GPS was funded by Democrats, the left has gone radio silent on the subject.

It’s strange, though, that even after it was known that Hillary Clinton was directly tied to Fusion GPS none of the reports say she funded it.  Instead, the reports read that it was funded by ‘Democrats’. Hillary, herself, called it ‘opposition research’. At this point, you would be hard-pressed to find a single Democrat even bringing the Dossier up and here is why.

As Reported by Kristina Wong with Breitbart.

Democrats have gone silent on the Trump dossier in recent weeks, as Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee have begun to find out more information about it.

FBI and Justice Department officials recently told House Intelligence Committee investigators that they could not verify any of the document’s assertions about collusion, according to a report, and not one Democrat has made a peep in response — in stark contrast with the past.

Breitbart News reached out to the offices of every Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee last Wednesday asking for a response and did not receive a single reply.

 The dossier’s credibility was also called into question after the bombshell revelation that the Hillary Clinton campaign funded it, despite earlier denials. The admission came after the committee subpoenaed the bank records of Fusion GPS, the firm that produced the dossier.

Democrats first argued that it was normal opposition research — despite the fact that it was brought to the FBI and potentially used to justify surveillance and an investigation of the Trump campaign. They then argued that conservative media outlet Free Beacon paid for it too, although the outlet had stopped its funding before the dossier research was commissioned. Then they argued that it did not matter who paid for it, but whether the allegations contained in it were true.

The top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), in his last interview on the dossier on November 15, argued that “a lot of it has turned out to be true.” However, he pointed only to allegations about Russian involvement and not to any Trump campaign collusion.

“The biggest thing that I think people need to realize about the dossier is that Christopher Steele discovered that the Russians were embarked on a broad effort to help the Trump campaign before our own intelligence agencies came to the same conclusion,” Schiff told the Wall Street Journal in an exclusive interview that appeared aimed at bolstering the dossier’s credibility after the Clinton revelation.

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