Democrat Meddling In GOP Primaries Is Starting To Blow Up In Their Face

RINOs in Pennsylvania were worried when state senator Doug Mastriano won the Republican primary to run for Governor.

Mastriano was demonized by the left for demanding a ballot audit after the 2020 presidential election. Jackie Kulback, a PA GOP leader, worried that Philadelphia suburb voters would think Mastriano was too far to the right. Kulback was also worried because, during the primary, Democrat operatives were funding commercials supporting Mastriano because they believed he was an easy target in the state-wide election against Josh Shapiro. Kulback said she’s not worried anymore.

“The higher the gas prices go, the more electable Mastriano is,” said the Cambria County Republican Party chair. “Honestly, I feel this is Mastriano’s campaign to lose.”

As Biden sinks in the polls, so does Democrat gubernatorial candidate Josh Shapiro who is only polling a couple of points ahead of Mastriano.

“I have the feeling that the race is too close, and that there is this very vocal group that Mastriano has behind him, and that Shapiro has got a lot of work to do,” said Pat Moulton, a retired nurse who attended a meet-and-greet with Shapiro in northeastern Pennsylvania last week. “As a Democrat, it’s frighteningly close.”

Shapiro only has himself to blame.

Politico reported:

Mastriano was initially seen as such a long shot that Shapiro ran a commercial during the primary that appeared to boost him.

Meanwhile, Shapiro is trying to make the election about abortion and ignoring the lousy economy facing the state.

“What was changed, post-Dobbs, is that we went from having maybe a theoretical conversation about what it means to be pro-choice or anti-choice to one that is now very real and concrete,” Shapiro said. “The people understand that the next governor is going to be the one to determine whether or not a woman can still access abortion here in Pennsylvania.”

However, Mastriano is starting a blitz telling Shapiro, “it’s the economy stupid,” which could be the catalyst that hands PA back in control of the Republicans.