Days Before Critical Senate Runoff Election

Days Before Critical Senate Runoff Election – Liberal Media Claims Race Meant to “Keep Black Candidates Out”

What’s Happening:

In early December, Georgia voters will return to the polls to elect a candidate to the Senate. Because neither Republican nor Democrat candidate got 50% of the vote in November, a runoff race will decide the winner.

This is a critical race that will determine the Senate until 2024. Already, Democrat commentators are sounding off, making wild claims about the state of this race and the country as a whole. One particular talking head, on MSNBC, claims this race was meant to “keep black candidates out of office.”


From The Post Millennial:

During Saturday’s episode of MSNBC’s Velshi, host Ali Velshi alleged that the Georgia runoff election process is racist, and meant to “keep black candidates out of office” despite the fact that the current runoff is between two black men.

This is how stupid liberals have become. They are so quick to jump to their empty talking points, they contradict themselves. Velshi was quick to claim that Georgia’s (and America’s) voting laws were designed to keep black people out of office.

Even though both men running for the open Senate seat are black. Democrat Raphael Warnock is a black pastor from Georgia who is the incumbent candidate. His opponent is Republican Herschel Walker, a famed NFL star and black American.

So, what is Velshi talking about? He even admitted that we have “two black candidates,” but proceeded to contradict himself in the same sentence. Democrats have long attacked Georgia’s election laws, claiming they “suppressed voters.”

But that narrative was shattered this year, when (despite the new laws) a record number of Georgians voted in the midterms. So now, they are pivoting to claim these laws are meant to keep black people out of office.

What? How can anyone buy this claim when the two top candidates are black? Maybe Velshi, along with other liberals, are still butt hurt that Stacey Abrams lost her second bid for Georgia governor?

That had nothing to do with her race, however, and more to do with her claims that abortion was a good solution to inflation. Abrams was never a good candidate and has been twice rejected by Georgia votes. That has nothing to do with voting laws and everything to do with her strength as a candidate.

Maybe Democrats need to update their talking points to things that make sense?

Key Takeaways:

  • An MSNBC host claimed the Georgia runoff is proof voting laws “keep black” politicians out of office.
  • The two men running in the runoff election are black, both Republican and Democrat.
  • Democrats have attacked Georgia voting laws, but have been proven wrong again and again.

Source: The Post Millennial