Ukrainian Sailor Uses His Russian Oligarch Boss Superyacht To Get Revenge

The Lady Anatasia is a 157-foot superyacht that is owned by the Russian arms company Rosoboronexport Director General Alexander Mikheev. The vessel was docked in Majorca, Spain when the head mechanic, who is Ukrainian opened the valves in the engine room to flood the boat.

Taras Ostapchuk, 55, who was the head mechanic on the boat for the past 10 years told the crew (most Ukrainian) to abandon the ship. He then allegedly went to the engine and opened a large valve to scuttle the boat. It was reported by law enforcement that crew members and port staff prevented the boat from sinking.

Ostapchuk reported that a video of a rocket attack in Kyiv prompted him to want to sink the boat because he thought Mikheev’s company manufactured it.

“The owner of this yacht is a criminal who makes his living selling arms that are now being used to kill Ukrainians,” he told police.

“I watched the news about the war. There was a video of a helicopter attack on a building in Kyiv. The armaments used are produced by the yacht owner’s company. They were attacking innocents,” Ostapchuk said told the judge.

The judge released Ostaphchuk and charges are pending due to the estimated $7.7 million in damages.

The Ukrainian sailor told a local news outlet that he would be fleeing Spain to try and sneak into Ukraine.

“I’m going to fight. As soon as I reach the first Ukrainian city I will look for a military commander and ask him if they need me,” Ostapchuk said. “I told myself: ‘Why do I need a job if I have my country. I had a good job as a head mechanic on the boat and a good salary but I am going to fight for my nation.”

The Ukrainian man added, ”I am not going to lose my country. I am not a hero, I’m a middle-aged man, but I have a lot of experience as a mechanic. I’ve never held a weapon but if necessary I will. Why not!”

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