Chris Wallace May Have Just Been Dealt A Final Embarrassing Blow

CNN’s new streaming service is terrible and on the verge of a total collapse.

It is being reported that CNN+ is averaging less than 10,000 users a day. To put things in perspective, there are below-average YouTube channels that have more daily users.

According to reports, Chris Wallace isn’t taking it well. The “daily meltdowns” have continued and now he’s ordering staffers to “count how many times a day his promo is playing.”

The man’s ego is so enlarged he can’t comprehend that people aren’t tuning in just to see him.

It was Wallace who was supposed to be the big draw to help the service get off the ground after leaving Fox. Now, it is being reported that Wallace is going full-blown diva. Since the streaming service is falling from the sky he is demanding Chris Cuomo’s time slot on the cable network.

Chris Wallace’s woes confirm the rumors we posted a couple of weeks ago that layoffs were expected because the stream service launch was poor.

The news was what first caused Wallace to have “meltdowns.”

What goes around eventually comes around.