Thanks To Joe Biden We Are About To Be Forced To Pay An Amazon Tax

It is truly amazing that Joe Biden has the ability to destroy literally everything he touches.

Let’s make a list:

He screwed up the vaccine rollout, let cyberattacks run rampant during the Spring of 2021, Afghanistan, ignored advice to get at-home test kits for Americans in preparation for the fall COVID surge, destroyed America’s energy independence, has created an immigration crisis, and let inflation go through the roof (oh I’m sure I left some stuff out).

Now thanks to Bidenflation we are all about to pay more when we order stuff from Amazon.

The company has announced that starting on April 28, 2022, sellers who use the company’s fulfillment service will be charged an additional 5% “fuel and inflation surcharge.”

“The surcharge will apply to all product types, such as non-apparel, apparel, dangerous goods, and Small and Light items,” the notice stated. “The surcharge will apply to all units shipped from fulfillment centers starting April 28.”

Somewhere around 89% of the merchants who sell on Amazon use the service and it is expected that the surcharge will be passed to the consumer.

The retail giant was hoping that things would go back to normal in 2022 but skyrocketing costs have forced them to add charges.

“In 2022, we expected a return to normalcy as COVID-19 restrictions around the world eased, but fuel and inflation have presented further challenges,” an Amazon spokesperson told CNBC. “It is still unclear if these inflationary costs will go up or down, or for how long they will persist, so rather than a permanent fee change, we will be employing a fuel and inflation surcharge for the first time—a mechanism broadly used across supply chain providers.”

Thanks to Biden Americans are about to pay 5% more when they order items from Amazon.

Prices have risen since Biden has taken office and he has done nothing to get a handle on inflation. The president is rudderless and has no plan to get relief for the American people but, he just approved another $800 million to help Ukraine.