California University President Spreads Her Anti-Gun Opinion To Her Students

University President Spreads Her Anti-Gun Bias To Students.

California is known for its overwhelming Liberal presence and it doesn’t help that the teachers perpetuate these views. California State University President, Jane Close Conoley, decided that she needed to throw her opinion into the mix. She didn’t want her students to miss it. Conoley sent an email expressing her view to all of her students, a view that was based more on personal feelings than facts.

The University President sent the letter out Monday. It read as you might expect a letter from an Anti- Gun advocate might read. First, she praised the students that are planning to do the organized protests/walkouts in response to Gun Violence. Conoley even tried to guilt local residents a little, asking them to “find it in their hearts to amplify the efforts” of the students.

She then proceeded to show off her lack of knowledge on the subject of the Second Amendment. She tried to say that the NRA and proud Gun Owners are using an outdated understanding of the second amendment to justify their Gun Rights. Clearly unaware that The right to bear arms is well established and was recently brought up in a case. In 2008, “the supreme court explicitly affirmed an individual’s right to keep a weapon at home for self-defense.”

You would think that she would research this a bit before sending it out to her students. But Liberals often depend on emotions to sway the crowd. She really exemplifies this with the following question:

Does anyone doubt anymore that money is driving resistance to background checks, age limits for buying weapons, congressional prohibitions on taxpayer-funded public health research involving guns, and bans on military-style assault weapons? I hope not.”

Like many Liberals, she fails to understand how a gun can aid her in self-defense. She thinks it must be about the money. She should look into “stand your ground” cases and incidents where guns have saved people’s lives she might think differently. But she reveals how naive she is.

Only those who are unaware of global statistics on gun-related deaths think that arming more people is the answer to reducing violence. More guns result in more deaths,” she claims without evidence. “Further, schools will never have enough police officers to protect every classroom. Meeting violence with violence may resolve a single instance, but does nothing to solve the large-scale denial that solutions are possible.”

I hope this University President is not a reflection of the other faculty or these students are likely to get an overly biased education. Conoley had forgotten about Israel and the armed teachers. She can’t see how conceals carry for trained teachers would be a deterrent to a school shooting. She is just another sad example of what Liberal California breeds.