Trump Prepares To Break Ground On American Great Wall.

Trump’s Wall Plan Finally Coming To Fruition.

Trump’s wall plan is starting to come together and potential designs are being displayed in California. So far there are 8 prototypes to choose from and it all depends on what they feel best secures our border. Next week Homeland Security has the job to find out which wall best protects the U.S.

The eight prototypes range from 18 to 30 feet high and have a width of 30 feet. The wall designs are mostly made from concrete or steel. Chosen contractors have until the 26th of October to create their models.

Each structure will be tested to see how effective they are. Tests will include how long it takes to scale the wall if scalable, How long it takes to break through the wall, and if the wall has sensors to alert guards, do the sensors prevent tunneling below the wall.

Border Patrol claims that the wall is just a stall intended to slow down potential illegal immigrants. A big part of the project will be the roads to get to the wall and which prototype slows down the illegal immigrant for the longest amount of time.

Evaluators will also have to consider the price and whether the prototype will stand the environment. The new walls are a much-needed upgrade to the previously installed walls. Back in the 90’s 10ft steel mat walls were erected and steel mesh was added in 2006. Now illegal immigrants will possibly have to contest with 30-foot tall concrete walls.

As Reported By William Lajeunesse, Fox News

As for actually getting built, the politics is messy and some lawmakers purposely misinform the public as to what is being proposed.

One, the CBP is not proposing a 2,200-mile-all from San Diego, Calif, to Brownsville, Texas. That is not realistic, necessary or affordable.

Two existing law calls for 700 miles of “double fencing.” The U.S. doesn’t have that. Under the 2006 Secure Fence Act, the federal government only completed 350 miles of fence, and only in select areas are there two fences.

Many argue Congress has already authorized another 300 miles of barrier. Whether it’s called a fence or a wall, is politics.