Broward County Foolishly Rejects NRA’s Annual Grant Money

Broward County Fails To See Importance Of NRA Annual Grant.

The horrible tragedy that Broward County, Florida experienced was preventable. Yes, it’s easy to say that after the fact, but it was. There were numerous things that should have been done. Authorities should have dealt with the shooter either the day of or preferably during one of the 30 plus times they had encounters with him at his residence. His family should have helped him to seek Professional help.
The shooter, Nikolas Cruz is a mentally disturbed individual and ultimately is to blame, but there were warning signs. Do you know who is not responsible? The NRA.

The NRA protects American’s right to bear arms. They lobby against Democrats and anti-gun groups.

The NRA is not the only gun-related advocacy group. The NRA faces plenty of adversity with anti-gun organizations: The Brady Campaign, New Yorkers Against Gun Violence, Every Town For Gun Safety, The Coalition To Stop Gun Violence, Violence Policy Center, and Americans For Responsible Solutions.

There are checks and balances in politics, as you can see the NRA has plenty of organizations opposing them. If that were not enough you have the Anti-Gun Liberals and Hollywood. So I don’t see where these brainwashed kids get off thinking the NRA needs to be taken down. How does taking down an organization that protects American Rights help Americans?

Watch The Video Below.

The NRA does more than just protect our rights, they have also provided over 500 school 7.3 million dollars from 2010 to 2016. These grants go to gun safety courses, the JROTC, and other clubs. Broward county apparently has been taken over by the Liberals who are using this tragedy as a stepping stone to disarm Americans.

It’s fine to have a debate about rights and policies but you know what is really sick is when you see children used as weapons.

If any of these Liberals really cared they wouldn’t be working to disarm us. No, they would use all of that political activism money to make a real difference and work towards bettering students mental health.

Or better yet letting these Broward students properly grieve as opposed to taking advantage of them. Broward County School is not hurting the NRA they are hurting themselves, and the American people with their Liberal influenced stunts.