Biker’s Revenge: This Simple Motorcycle Race Turns Violent [Video]

One biker learns the hard way that not everyone will just take his crap.

At what appears to be a short race, one troublesome biker decides the only way to get ahead is by sabotaging his opponents. Likely, a ‘move’ this guy has played more than a few times by the looks of it. The sabotager quickly learns he’s messed with the wrong one and gets delt his own medicine. It just gets funnier from there. Who doesn’t like to see a punk get served?


Video footage captured on Monday 4th December 2017 at 1:00pm
Filmed in Dabasah, Kabupaten Bondowoso

The footage was captured in 2017 at the Bondowoso Road Race in East Java. In an interview about the race one of the riders stated: “Because of the incident, both of us were immediately disqualified from the championship”.

Dimas gives a hard check to Hasan, causing him hit the pavement and tumbles down the road but Dimas drives away like nothing happened.

Hasan wasn’t too injured that he got back to revenge. He waits until Dimas returning to the scene and quickly grabs one of the sandbags throwing to Dimas. Although Dimas swerves away at the last moment, he was still hit to the pavement.

Just after the racers come around the first corner, the yellow-vested rider nudges his opponent from his bike, sending him crashing into the barriers.

Whereas in most cases, the race would have been red flagged at this point, the action continues and the crashed rider decides to enact his own punishment.

Strolling to the middle of the track, he picks up a barrier sandbag and waits until his archenemy (who taunts him with a wheelie) rides past.

We’ll leave you to figure out the rest, but suffice to say this guy’s bowling career looks more promising than his racing…

(H/T goodizen)